V Series

Providing more reach at full lift height is optimal for applications that require loading and stacking at high heights. By keeping the load closer to the machine, lift capacities are increased over radial-lift models.
High-strength, low-profile design increases operator visibility and lifts loads in a true vertical path on the V400 and a nearly vertical path on the V270 GEN:2 and V330 GEN:2.

V270 GEN:2


Height to Hinge Pin Fully raised(mm) 130.3″ (3310)
Rated Operating Capacity (Kg) 2700 lbs (1225)
Net Power (Kw) 70.7  hp (52.7)



Height to Hinge Pin Fully raised(mm) 144″ (3647)
Rated Operating Capacity (Kg) 4000 lbs (1814)
Net Power (Kw) 99  hp (74)