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Tree Puller Grabbing Tool

Thumb-Tree-Puller-GrabbingThe EDGE Tree Puller/Grabbing Tool is
designed for tough landscaping, construction and agriculture applications. Use it’s powerful jaws to easily pull posts, rebar, trees and roots or shrubs out of the ground. This handy tool opens up to 12” (305 mm) and features three welded brackets to secure hydraulic hoses away from the jaws.

Grapple – Industrial Tine

Thumb-Grapple-Industrial-TineHandling brush, awkward debris, logs and
more is made easy with the right grapple. The experts at CEA can help you to select the correct grapple based on your skid steer loader and your application. Excellent for moving heavier, hard to handle materials such as logs, brush and scrap materials. This heavy-duty attachment makes
those tough jobs easy. Five models range in size from 60” (1524 mm) to 84” (2133 mm). Grapple’s function independently to allow for uneven loads. Hoses and couplers are included.

Grapple Buckets

Thumb-Grapple-BucketsMove heavy, hard-to-handle materials on the construction site or anywhere you need to! Grapple buckets are available in Standard, Medium and Heavy Duty models in widths from 60” (1524 mm) to 88” (2235 mm).

They feature independently operating grapple arms for powerful clamping on uneven loads. Our grapple buckets feature enclosed cylinders and hoses to protect against
debris and come complete with hoses and flat face couplers.

Cold Planer Standard Flow

Thumb-Cold-Planer-StandardFew attachments can hold up to the daily abuse or meet the heavy-duty requirements of milling attachments. Designed for precise asphalt and concrete cuts, milling attachments are also valuable for utility crews and cable installation.

An invaluable tool for road construction and maintenance crews. Asphalt and concrete are quickly milled due to the high torque generated by the planetary gearbox.

Bucket Dirt Construction

Thumb-Bucket-Dirt-ConstructionCEA offers EDGE Dirt/Construction buckets as Standard/Extended or Heavy Duty (both without or with flush mounted teeth) and as standard, high, or low heel.

All of these buckets feature .75” (19 mm) cutting edge thickness and 34.6” (879 mm) bucket depth. Excellent cutting edge visibility and high breakout force are the trademarks of these buckets.

Broom – Hopper

Thumb-Broom-HopperBroom attachments are selected by the material to be removed and the
surface on which the broom is used. CEA has the selection of brooms you need to complete the job right – and FAST! This bi-directional collection broom allows you to sweep in forward and reverse, and gives excellent
performance in milling, material pickup, road maintenance and job-site cleanup. There is no caster wheel, so you can get up close to objects, and the
shroud protects them from flying debris. This is a cost effective investment for contractors and rental houses.

Auger – Planetary

Thumb-Auger-PlanetaryChoosing the right auger attachment requires experience, but the team at CEA can help you determine the correct auger drive for your machine and
application. Factors to consider are: soil condition, hole width and
depth, and hydraulic power of your machine. With a full auger line available from CEA, we are sure to provide you the correct mounting plate, hydraulic-powered auger drive unit, auger drilling bit, and specialized wear parts for your job.